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Forth Bridge
Tuesday 27th September 2016
Venues in Edinburgh, Glasgow & Durham

All Linacre Members are warmly welcomed to attend:

Saturday 24th September 2016

Linacre Old Members attended the 17th Annual Italian Linacre Lecture in Rome on Saturday, 24th September. There was a full day of events, including the lecture, given this year by Professor Anna Curir, and entitled "La terza cultura: dialogo tra scienza e umanesimo", Professor Curir is an astrophysicist at Osservatorio Astronomico di Torino and was a Junior Research Fellow at Linacre in the early 1980s. 

Linacre Reception
Friday 16th September 2016
Tanner Room, Linacre College

Linacre College will be holding an informal seminar and reception open to all Linacre Members and their guests on Friday evening, 16th September, in conjunction with Oxford University’s Meeting Minds Alumni Weekend in Oxford.