5 Bradmore Road

5 Bradmore Road
5 Bradmore Road, OX2 6QN

A property with 15 single student rooms, 3 in the basement. 

Quiet tree-lined street of old Victorian houses, two of which are used by Linacre College.

About half a mile from College, a pleasant walk across the University Parks. A limited amount of car parking space. 

Ground Floor and above:
3 larger study/bedrooms with washbasin £510 per month 
9 study/bedrooms with washbasin £485-£500 per month 
3 rooms with washbasin £465-£475 per month 

All prices quoted are for academic year 2015/16 and are subject to an annual price increase on 1st September 2016.


5 Bradmore Road Room5 Bradmore Road Room5 Bradmore Road Room5 Bradmore Road Kitchen5 Bradmore Road Kitchen