Gilbert Ryle Collection

The philosopher Gilbert Ryle was involved in the setting up of the original Linacre House, Oxford's first graduate society for both sexes and all subjects, in 1962, and was one of its first senior members.   An early problem for the new institution was the lack of a library:  Gilbert Ryle assisted here by donating many of his own books on his retirement in 1968, and by a further bequest after his death in 1976.  The books formed a major part of the early library, and were later stored under lock and key in the massive Linacre Bookcase where they remain to this day.   Ryle also donated some of his papers - including letters, drafts of papers, and miscellaneous notes extracted from the volumes in his library - to Linacre.  All of these materials may be consulted in the Linacre Library by application to the Librarian.

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All of Ryle's books are catalogued on Oxford University Libraries' catalogue Solo , but it can be hard to produce a listing of the Ryle collection from this.  You can find a complete listing  in Excel format here .

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We have a single box file of Ryle's papers in the Library.  You can find a listing here.

Articles from the Linacre Journal, No.3, November 1999 (the Gilbert Ryle issue)

"Introduction : Ryle's Oxford legacy" by Rom Harré and John Shosky pp. 5-9.

"A philosopher and his books : the Gilbert Ryle collection at Linacre" by Giles Barber, pp. 17-26.

"Ayer's view of the Vienna Circle : the Linacre letter" by Rom Harré and John Shosky, pp. 27-37.

"Gilbert Ryle and the Tractatus" by Rom Harré, pp. 39-53.

"Gilbert Ryle's debt to Bertrand Russell" by John Shosky, pp. 55-69.

"Reason" by Gilbert Ryle, pp. 71-84.

"Jane Austen and the moralists" by Gilbert Ryle, pp. 85-99.

"Ontological and logical talk in Wittgenstein's Tractatus" by Gilbert Ryle, pp. 101-107.

"The genesis of 'Oxford' philosophy" by Gilbert Ryle, pp. 109-114.

Gilbert Ryle's articles are reproduced with the kind permission of the Principal, Fellows and Scholars of Hertford College in the University of Oxford.  The other articles are reproduced with the kind permission of Rom Harré, John Shosky and Lisa Barber.  No further reproduction is allowed without the permission of the copyright holders.