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2.4 Bursary

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The Bursary deals with all the financial and domestic matters of the College.

BURSAR, Alison Reid, is responsible for the financial management of the College and the smooth running of its premises and activities.

ACCOUNTS MANAGER, Jan Krendler, is responsible for fees, battels (personal accounts) and payroll, and oversees the work of the other Bursary staff in Reception.

DOMESTIC BURSAR, Simon Barker, carries primary responsibility for managing the College’s property and land, insurances, environmental performance, purchasing and contracting, regulatory compliance, health, safety and security, Bar and alcohol licence.

ACCOMMODATION MANAGER, Karen Morris, is responsible for the administration of student accommodation including study rooms and storage, guest room bookings, and oversees the work of the Housekeeping staff.

ACCOUNTS ASSISTANT, Sue Jones is responsible for the payment of invoices.