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2.5 College Office

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The SENIOR TUTOR, Dr. Jane Hoverd, is responsible for academic activities in the College.   She monitors student progress, has to authorise progression forms and will meet with all students at least once a year to discuss their work.  She can provide guidance and practical help on areas outside of accommodation too. An appointment to see the Senior Tutor can be made by e-mailing

COLLEGE SECRETARY, Jackie Favarin, deals with all academic administration and is also secretary to the Senior Tutor and Tutor for Admissions.

PRINCIPAL’S  PA  AND  EVENTS  MANAGER,  Jo  Whitfield,  deals  with  the  Principal’s correspondence and appointments diary.   She also handles all arrangements for degree ceremonies, guest night dinner lists and other social events held in College.

ACADEMIC ADMINISTRATOR, Thea Teasdale, assists the College Secretary, particularly in relation to scholarships, welfare & disability and Linacre House Trust.