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2.7 Development Office

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The Development Office’s role is to build on, and further develop, relationships between Old Members and the College, and between Old Members and each other.  The office is therefore the first point of contact with Linacre for former students.  It also looks to open up relationships with other supporters of Linacre, known as Friends.  From this department of the College Old Members’ events are organised, the College magazine, Linacre News, is published and fundraising takes place.  A wide range of events is organised, both in the UK and abroad.  In 2015 the College completed a very successful 50th Anniversary Campaign to raise £7.5 million; in the end £8.04 million was received, for endowment, student support, accommodation, and academic activities.  We continue to fundraise, with a current focus on scholarships and future accommodation.

DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT, Dr Anne Keene, is responsible for planning and overseeing all activities to raise money and support, and nurturing good relationships with Old Members and Friends, both during the current year, and in the long term.

ALUMNI RELATIONS OFFICER, Lisa Smårs, organises Old Members’ activities, and serves as Editor of Linacre News. She is also keen to help and meet with individual former students, and organises the Linacre mentoring programme, which aims to provide contacts from among our Old Members for informal career advice.

DEVELOPMENT OFFICER, Antonella Di Marzio, carries out research, effects stewardship to donors, supervises the Annual fund and, along with the Director of Development, seeks and encourages financial support for the College.

DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRATOR, Elizabeth Welsh, is responsible for office administration and assists with events, publications and other Development Office activities.