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1.4 International Students

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Over 70% of the students at Linacre come from outside the UK, and represent 84 different countries. 

(a) Tier 4 Visa: Students with a Tier 4 visa need to collect their visa card (Biometric Residence Permit) as soon as they arrive in Oxford. The cards must be collected from either the Post Office in St Aldate’s or the Exam Schools on High Street, according to the choice you made on your visa application form.  You will not be able to enrol at Linacre until you have collected your card.

(b) Registration with Police: if you are required by your visa conditions to register with the police, you must do so within 7 days of arriving in the UK. You can find more information here

(c)   Orientation Courses for Overseas Students: The University organises an orientation event for international students before the start of Michaelmas Term. They will communicate the details to students during the summer.

(d)  EmploymentOverseas (i.e. non-UK and non-EU) students are entitled to work in the UK subject to certain conditions. The maximum hours you can work during term-time are normally printed on your visa sticker or Biometric Residence Permit (BRP). For most students holding a Tier 4 student visa this will be up to 20 hours a week during term time, if you are studying at degree level or above at Oxford University. You should seek permission from your supervisor or course director before taking employment. For further information please see the Accounts Manager.