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2.1 Personnel

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 Principal:  Dr Nick Brown
Vice-Principal: Dr Jenni Ingram
Senior Tutor and Dean: Dr Jane Hoverd

Associate Dean:

Dr Catherine Walter
Bursar: Alison Reid
Accounts Manager: Jan Krendler
Accommodation Manager: Emma Farrant
Domestic Bursar: Simon Barker
Accounts Clerk: Sue Jones
Reception Office: Marie Duffy
College Secretary and Information Officer: Jackie Favarin
Principal’s PA and Events Manager: Jo Whitfield
College Office Assistant Kirsty Scott
Director of Development: Dr Anne Keene
Alumni Relations Officer: Marsaleete Anderson
Development Officer: Ros Connell
Development Assistant: Kirsty Scott
Librarian: Fiona Richardson
IT Manager: Ross Wackett
IT Support Assistant: Alex Wooten
Data Protection Officer and FoI Officer: Simon Bailey
Safety Officer: Simon Barker
Resident Junior Dean: Udit Bhatia
Housekeeper: Aiga Dombrovska
Assistant Housekeeper: Debbie Wyatt
Maintenance Manager: Nick Druce
Deputy Maintenance Manager: Mike Davey
Maintenance Assistant: Bob Brant
Head Chef: Michael Bockett