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8.9 Safety and Security

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There is no wish to cause alarm or anxiety to any of Linacre's students but it is important to be aware that unpleasant incidents can occur and it is in your own interest to be careful.   Any person(s) acting suspiciously or strangers should be reported to Reception or to the Domestic Bursar during office hours (08.30 – 16.30 hrs Mon/Fri) or the duty Porter during the period covered by them. When there is no duty Porter available you can call the College mobile (07837 142095) which will be held by either the Resident Junior Dean or one of the Senior Students. They will assist you as necessary.

For more serious incidents you can phone Oxford University Security Services (OUSS) Control Room (24/7) on 01865 (2)89999 who provide an Immediate Response service if necessary.

Keep your room locked and endeavour to make sure that external doors to residential areas are locked. Do not let anyone follow into a residential area ('tailgating') unless you know them personally.  If someone you don't know is a Linacre student, they will have their own card.  If they are a guest of a Linacre student, they can phone their host to let them in.  If you are asked to use your own card or to phone your host, consider it a compliment:  it means that the person speaking to you values your safety and security.  Keep valuable items out of sight from the window.  In common with most major cities, theft in Oxford is a serious problem.   For students in College accommodation personal possessions up to a certain value inside study bedrooms are covered by an insurance policy.  See details issued upon arrival.

Reception has a stock of small personal emergency alarms.  Any student who would like to have one can go along to the Reception Office and get one free of charge.  (If you lose your free alarm, you will have to replace it yourself.  Replacements can be bought from the Oxford University Student Union.

Of course, no alarm can be a substitute for vigilance and care.  In the unlikely event that you ever do experience any physical danger by harassment or an attempted attack, it is most important that you inform the College authorities of the incident as soon as possible.

The College has a written Health and Safety Policy which applies to members as well as staff. The Health and Safety Officer is the Domestic Bursar to whom all incidents involving health or safety should be reported and advice and suggestions offered.