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Iliana Cardenes Trujillo

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Iliana Cardenes Trujillo

I study my DPhil at the Environmental Change Institute, minutes away from Linacre College. Linacre has provided a home, lifelong friends and a support network that I could have never imagined. Through having been Social Secretary of our Common Room, I have had the chance to experience first hand how passionate our members are about our supportive, inclusive environment, and how keen everyone is to maintain a diverse set of events where we can all feel included, intellectually challenged, relaxed and part of something, irrespective of where we come from or where we want to go; in fact, promoting and thriving on diversity. Our sense of community and support is what makes Linacre the place to be, and if you are looking for a true sense of belonging and home, then this is the place for you.

Country of origin: 
Canary Islands, Spain