Linacre Lawyers' Network

The College established its first professional network of Linacre Lawyers in 2009. Any Old Member with a law degree or following a career in law is encouraged to contact the Development Officer, Ros Connell, for more information.

Dr Paul England (1993) (far right, in picture above) is Chair of the Linacre Lawyers’ Group. The aim is to organise events once or twice a year, predominantly in London, where lawyers can network and also listen to talks on various subjects. Occasional emails are also sent, updating Old Members on law-related news from Linacre, and featuring biographies of Linacre lawyers.  In April 2014, during the Oxford University Reunion weekend, we held a Linacre Lawyers’ Dinner in New York.

Past events include: Dinners at the Oxford & Cambridge Club, at McAllister Olivarius in Hammersmith, and at Lincoln’s Inn; Talks by: Dr Nina Jorgensen (1994), Professor of Law at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, on 'A Linacre lawyer's "journey without maps" through international criminal justice’; Professor Ian O'Donnell Adjunct Fellow and Criminologist, of University College Dublin, on his latest book, on coercive confinement, at Tanfield Chambers (venue was courtesy of Dr Cecily Crampin (1998) ).

Business, Finance and Law Network

For those working in these professional areas, this group arranges social events, mainly in London and New York. This gives Old Members of Linacre working in business, finance or law, the opportunity to network with others.

For more information, contact the Development Officer, Ros Connell .