Current Fundgiving Projects

2017 Linacre Fund-giving projects


Why Support it?

Accommodation Fund
  • Donations welcome to fund a new Linacre student house with 21 rooms, on Iffley Road, just purchased.
  • Oxford is one of the most expensive parts of the country to live privately – affordable housing stock in the city is of very poor quality
  • Includes provision of rooms for couples and families

Women in Science Scholarship

Goal: £80,000 (endow College fee)

Have: £37,223   Shortfall: £42,777

  • Underrepresentation of women in Science, vital for widening access

Hicks Scholarship (Economics)

Goal: £80,000 (endow College fee)

Have: £15,000   Shortfall: £65,000


  • First Economics Scholarship at Linacre
  • In memory of Ursula Hicks, in Economics
  • Traditionally strong subject for Linacre

David Daube Scholarship (Law)

A Linacre Old Member who greatly admired Daube--a renowned Roman Law expert who taught in Oxford, Cambridge, Aberdeen and Berkeley, California—made generous donations to set up the scholarship


  • Those funds are now decreasing.
  • We welcome any donations for the David Daube Scholarship, of whatever size.

Paul Nurse JRF (BioMed Science)

Goal: £60,000 each (to endow)

Have: £8,000   Shortfall: £52,000


  • Named after Nobel prize winner and Honorary Fellow Professor Sir Paul Nurse, in a core subject area
  • JRF’s are important, as there are a shortage of early career Post-Doc posts which enable research
  • Enhance the life of the Linacre community

Junior Research Fellowships

Goal: £60,000 each (to endow)


  • A few of our JRFs are currently College-funded.  We aim for endowed funds for all 24. 
  • Eight current JRFs require endowment


Book Collection

The Library welcomes book collections which are vital to enhance the provisions of Linacre’s library – a crucial college facility.

These books will be individually ordered from reading lists and specific requests from current students on all MSc and one-year taught courses.

  • £500 names a collection of 20 books.
  • Every book will carry a book plate, designed by current DPhil student, Peter Holmes.

Green Studentships’ Endowment

£45,000 each (to endow)

  • Linacre is a “Green” College – from the Linacre Lectures to the Abraham Building!
  • Endows College fee of  2 ‘Green Students’ – who do excellent environmental work in College

Linacre House Trust (Hardship)

Goal: £250,000

(to endow £10,000/year

Patrick Heffernan (Hardship)

Have: £5,000

  • Hardship funds are important for students who need extra financial support at Linacre due to unforeseen circumstances

  • £1,000 names a Dining Hall Table, for this fund


  • Particularly for family-related hardship

Anthropology Scholarship

We are delighted that, thanks to the generosity of 22 donors, the goal of £80,000 has now been reached, thereby endowing this College fee scholarship in perpetuity.

  • Anthropology is a core subject at Linacre – not common within Oxford
  • Graduate Scholarships are vital so that the best students can study at Linacre
  • Director of the Pitt Rivers is a Linacre fellow

Boat Club

  • £20K for a new boat…
  • Gifts for annual costs

Unrestricted Endowment

  • Unrestricted endowment provides much needed financial freedom for Linacre
  • About £13 million at present, one of the lowest of any Oxford College. Linacre ideally needs £20m
  • As enhancements are made to College, endowment must grow to enable maintenance and smooth running of the College

African Scholarship Fund



  • Building up support for our various scholarships for African students