Coffee Break Philanthropy

Make a monthly coffee sacrifice, and help a Linacre student!

MESSAGE TO US OLD MEMBERS from Bruce Reynolds (1973), Chair of Linacre US Old Members

Dear Fellow US Old Member,

Linacre’s 50th Anniversary funding campaign began at a most unusual time – smack in the middle of the biggest global financial crisis and recession in decades.  Despite those headwinds, as you may have seen from messages that Nick Brown and Anne Keene have sent around, the campaign is doing OK.  It has, however, a way to go still, and needs everyone’s support.

Anne has mentioned that several Old Members have expressed a desire to contribute, but feel constrained from doing so by the combination of difficult economic times and other financial obligations.  We get that.  A lot of older OMs see their retirement savings earn pennies because of low interest rates, and younger OMs contend with a restricted job market and the cost of raising a family.

For those who might want to help the College, but are cash-challenged, we’ve worked with Anne to put in place the mechanics for the “Coffee Break Pledge”:

“I pledge to forgo one grande caramel macchiato [US$ 5.20] per month, from now until ____.   Instead of going to a premium coffee shop, I will drink cheaper coffee that morning, and will donate the cost of the grande caramel macchiato I’m not drinking to help finance future education for graduate students at Linacre.”

It might seem that $5.20 a month is not a worthwhile amount, but consider two things.  First, that amount per month for a year totals a bit over $60.  Statistics for average charitable contributions in the United States suggest that is also about the average single contribution.  So the monthly contribution does add up.  It also adds up in another way, if a number of OMs join in making such a contribution.  There are nearly 600 OMs in North America.   If 25 percent of us make a contribution through the Coffee Break Pledge, that could bring in over $9,000 a year, or enough to fund 2 College fee scholarships at Linacre. 

So, even though you might think that one caramel macchiato a month isn’t a useful amount, from the College’s point of view, it definitely is.  Please join us in making a “Coffee Break Pledge” as soon as possible.

US Old Members benefit by making contributions to Linacre through Americans for Oxford (which is necessary to secure the US income tax deduction for the contribution). We wish the procedure for doing this were less old-fashioned, but taking into account UK and US security requirements, we can't arrange for a totally online process to make a recurring pledge. Please use the links on the right to download a pledge form (in Word, which can be filled in electronically, or as a pdf) to send to Americans for Oxford (which, as you'll see, will be shredded after your information has been appropriately entered at Americans for Oxford). Just be assured that your stamp will further help the College.

With many thanks and best wishes,                      Coffee cup

Signature of Bruce Reynolds

Bruce Reynolds (1973)

Chair, Linacre US Old Members