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Saturday 18th October 2014
Linacre College


Matriculation 2014
Saturday 18th October 2014


Tuesday 14th October 2014
The Tanner Room, Linacre College


ILL 2014 tour of Non-Catholic Cemetery Rome
Saturday 11th October 2014


Dining Hall
Saturday 11th October 2014
Dining Hall



Sunday 5th October 2014
Tanner Room


Dinner at Linacre
Friday 19th September 2014
Linacre College


Linacre Gaudy group shot
Saturday 5th July 2014
Linacre College


Saturday 28th June 2014
Linacre Quad


Spring Flowers
Thursday 26th June 2014
Linacre College Dining Hall


Sunday 15th June 2014


Linacre Summer Reception
Friday 13th June 2014
Wargrave (near Henley)


Monday 9th June 2014


Wednesday 4th June 2014


Saturday 24th May 2014
Linacre CR


Sami Chakrabarti
Thursday 15th May 2014


Friday 28th March 2014


ILL 2012
Saturday 19th October 2013
Rome (Gianni, Origoni, Grippo, Capelli & Partners (law firm), thanks to Dr Eutimio Tiliacos)


Professor Michael Ignatieff
Thursday 30th May 2013