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Policies & Bylaws


Charters & Statutes

Conflicts of Interest

Remuneration Committee

Discipline & Student Members


Standing Committees

Standing Orders for Governing Body Meetings


General Policies

Data Protection Policy 

Policy and Guidance on the Possession, Supply and Production of Drugs and Psychoactive substances 

Guidance on Conflicts of Interest & Conflict of Interest Statement Template

Freedom of Speech

Closed Circuit Television Policy

Common Room CCTV Policy

Freedom of Information Act 2000 Publication Scheme

Linacre Policy on Children

Health & Safety Policy & Arrangements

Smoke Free Policy

Information Security Policy

Social Media Policy

Welfare & Equality Policies

Policy and Procedure on Harassment

Public Sector Equality Duty Report

Equality Policy

Fitness to Study Procedures

Prevention of Student-Staff Relationships

Environmental Policies

Environmental Policy

Fair Trade Policy

Carbon Reduction Strategy

Policies for College Staff

Staff Handbook

Rewards Policy

Caring Policy

Capability Procedure

Pensions Policy

Disciplinary Rules and Procedures for Staff

Anti-Bribery Policy

Employee Equal Opportunities Policy and Code of Practice

Employee Safety Handbook

Procedure for Dealing with Student Tragedies