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Happy Thomas Linacre Day!

Saturday 20th October 2018

Who was Thomas Linacre and why is College named after him?

Today, 20th October, marks the 494th anniversary of Thomas Linacre’s death. Linacre (c. 1460-1524) was a prominent Renaissance figure. He was a distinguished humanist, medical scientist, and classicist whose accomplishments established him as one of the great scholars of his time.

A wide range of suggestions, such as “St Aldate’s Hall”, “St Michael’s Hall”, and “Mill Hall”, were considered as potential names at the time, but after a suggestion from Dame Lucy Sutherland (Principal of Lady Margaret Hall), it was finally agreed to call it “Linacre House”. The breath of learning represented by Linacre and his multi-disciplinary purpose and ideals made him the perfect person to name the College after, and this wide array of disciplines is something we continue to benefit from to this day.