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Current Fundgiving Projects

2019 Linacre Fund-giving projects


Why Support it?

Accommodation Fund

£1.2 million received

The House cost £2.6 million

£1.4 million still required

Naming opportunities: see here

  • The house provides 21 beautiful new student rooms, on Iffley Road, adjacent to 3 other Linacre houses.
  • Oxford is one of the most expensive parts of the country to live privately; affordable housing stock in the city is of variable quality.

Women in Science Scholarship

Goal: £85,000 

From 2017, implemented as a 10-year partial scholarship; more funds are required, for the £85,000 endowed fund.

Fund status after 1st 3 years’ scholarship paid £44,000

  • There is under-representation of women in Science, and increasing this is vital for widening access.

Hicks Scholarship (Economics)

Goal: £85,000 

From 2017, implemented as a 5-year scholarship; more funds are required, for the £85,000 endowed fund. 

Fund status after 1st 3 years’ scholarship paid £7,000

  • First Economics Scholarship at Linacre
  • In memory of Ursula Hicks, former Linacre Fellow
  • Traditionally strong subject for Linacre

David Daube Scholarship (Law)

Goal: £85,000 

A Linacre Old Member who greatly admired Daube (a renowned Roman Law expert who taught in Oxford, Cambridge, Aberdeen and Berkeley, California) made generous donations to set up the scholarship.

  • This fund is now significantly decreasing in size.
  • The scholarship has helped College to attract more Law students. 

We welcome donations for the David Daube Scholarship, of whatever size.

  • Paul Nurse JRF (Biomedical Sciences)
  • Biomedical Sciences JRF

Goal: £75,000 each (to endow)


  • JRFs are important, as there is a shortage of early career post-doc posts, which enable research.
  • JRFs enhance the life of the Linacre community.
  • One is named for Nobel prize winner and Linacre Honorary Fellow, Professor Sir Paul Nurse.

Junior Research Fellowships (various subjects)

Goal: £75,000 each (7 fully to endow)


  • A few of our JRFs are currently College-funded.  We aim for endowed funds for all 25, thus releasing funds for other Linacre needs.


Book Collection (Library)

£500 each

  • Book collections are vital to enhance the provisions of Linacre’s Library, a crucial college facility; they will be individually ordered from reading lists and specific requests from current students on all MSc and one-year taught courses.

£500 names a collection of 20 books.

Each book in these collections will carry a book plate, designed by Canadian Old Member, Dr Peter Holmes (2012).

Green Studentship

£20,000 (to endow)

OR £960 annually from donations (Common Room & College supply the other two-thirds)

  • Linacre is a “Green” College, and has been since the early 1990s.
  • The fund pays a small stipend to 2 ‘Green Students’, who do excellent environmental work in College.

Linacre House Trust (Hardship)

Goal: £250,000

(to endow £10,000 per annum)

Patrick Heffernan (Hardship)

Additional funds are welcome 

  • Hardship funds are important for students who need extra financial support at Linacre due to unforeseen circumstances. The goal’s total would substantially enhance the existing fund, which has increasing calls on its resources. 

  • This fund, also in need of extra support, is for family-related hardship.

Boat Club

£25,000 minimum for a new boat

Gifts for annual costs

The Boat Club, the largest College Society, is a valuable resource for relaxation, exercise and socialising at Linacre, thereby in turn enriching students’ work.  Many testify to its restorative capacity, and to its key role in their time at Linacre. 

Unrestricted Endowment

  • Unrestricted endowment provides much needed financial freedom for Linacre.
  • Current total is nearing £20 million, one of the lowest of any Oxford College, and needs to be built up. 
  • As enhancements are made to College, endowment must grow to enable maintenance and smooth running of the College.

African Scholarship Fund

Gifts of all sizes are welcome, including endowments for individual scholarships

  • Building up support for our various scholarships for under-resourced and able students from Africa.

Linacre Ladies that Lift