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Hicks Scholarship Fund



Title: Hicks Scholarship Fund

Purpose:  With the initial support of several Old Members, a fund is being established to help contribute to course fees for a Linacre student studying for a degree in Economics. We are very grateful to all the donors, and are thrilled that the Scholarship has now been implemented, for a 5-year period initially. 

Further donations from Old Members, and other former or current members of the College are most welcome.

The fund is named in honour of two distinguished economists, Lady Ursula Hicks, a Founding Senior Member and then Fellow of Linacre College, and her husband, Sir John Hicks, a Founding Senior Member of Linacre, and the 1972 Nobel Laureate in Economics. Both are remembered with great affection and respect by a generation of Linacre economists whom they influenced and helped to train. This is a very historic development, as it is Linacre’s first scholarship in Economics.  

Subject area: Economics (any of the related degrees)

Target: £80,000 (to endow the Fund)

Fund status: after 1st 3 years’ scholarship paid out = £6,486

Donors: The following people have kindly made gifts to the Fund and we thank them warmly: Professor Pietro Alessandrini, Ms Emily Bloomfield, Mr Nizar Jetha, Ms Gayatri Schilberg, Professor Giacomo Vaciago, Professor Stefano Zamagni, and Professor Vera Zamagni.

Donations: We can no longer accept card payments by e-mail. Please send the form available via the link on the right to Linacre by post. Your financial security is extremely important to us. Thank you.

Alternatively, it is now possible to make a secure online donation, specifically for the Hicks Scholarship Fund, via the University of Oxford giving site here (link is external). American donors, however, should give through the Oxford North American Office site here (link is external). Select 'Linacre College' from the drop-down box, and put 'Hicks Scholarship Fund' in the 'other areas' box.

N.B. All donations from UK taxpayers can be augmented by 25% once we have received a signed Gift Aid form from the donor. Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to secure additional money for Linacre, at no cost to yourself. A Gift Aid Declaration Form is available via the second link on the right. If you have already signed a Gift Aid declaration, please can you let us know if you cease to be a UK taxpayer. We would then know not to claim Gift Aid on your behalf. Thank you.