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Current Giving Projects

Welcome! On this page, we have listed our current giving priorities, so the funds or projects that we think are currently the most in need of your support. If you already know what you would like to support, you can access the donation page here .

The Linacre Hardship Fund has seen a large increase in hardship grant applications since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, with many students facing more difficulties than usual in making ends meet.

Linacre has a long tradition of welcoming brilliant female scientists. Nevertheless, women remain significantly under-represented among STEM post-graduates* and this is why we set up the Women in Science Scholarship.

The College’s Endowment is invested with the Oxford University Endowment Management Fund (OUEM) and we use the investment return to help run College. OUEM invests both for the University and for many of the colleges with a focus on long-term investments. 

Other Ways to Support Us

We are always looking to increase the amount given to our General College Funds. This can be used for College improvements or be added to the Endowment fund to help secure the future of the College. Linacre is currently one of the colleges in Oxford with the smallest Endowment, something we are hoping to change over the next coming years. A financially secure Linacre would benefit College in perpetuity. 

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If you are interested in rowing or a past member of the Linacre Boat Club, sign up to be a Friend of the Boat Club. 

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