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Women in Science

Linacre has a long tradition of welcoming brilliant female scientists. Nevertheless, women remain significantly under-represented among STEM post-graduates* and this is why we set up the Women in Science Scholarship. This scholarship can currently offer a modest £3,300 per academic year, but our ambition is to grow the fund to a size where we can link it with University matched funding to create a fully-funded scholarship. The scholarship is currently unnamed - a great opportunity for a generous benefactor to celebrate a special woman scientist!

If this is of particular interest to you, please do make a gift to the Women in Science Scholarship. This scholarship has already supported some amazing women and can continue to do so with your help. 

*In the Oxford University’s Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division only 29% of Postgraduate  Research students are women and for Postgraduate Taught the figure is even lower at 20%.