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Donor Thanks

Linacre College is fortunate to be supported by many generous benefactors to scholarships, student hardship funds, research fellowships, and academic awards. Thanks to these donors, the College offers a range of academic support. Further information is below.


Anthropology Scholarship (Anthropology)

Donors:  An anonymous leading donor and many alumni with an interest in Anthropology.


Mary Blaschko (Arts and Humanities)

Donor: The late Mrs Mary Blaschko, Honorary Fellow.


Brewer Street Scholarship (Any subject)

Donors: Two leading donors and many others who lived in Brewer Street as students.


C.A. (Canadian Alumni) (Canadian student) 

Donors: A group of alumni from Canada, and one Fellow.


CN (Canadian National) (Canadian student) 

Donor: CN, through Mr Paul Tellier, alumnus and Honorary Fellow of Linacre who is a former President of CN.


David Daube (Law)

Donor: An alumnus who is a lawyer and a great admirer of the renowned Professor in Roman Law David Daube, is the leading donor. Other alumni have also donated.


Eldred Scholarship (Humanities student from Sub-Saharan Africa)

Donor: An anonymous alumnus.


EPA Cephalosporin (Four scholarships in Biological, Medical and Chemical Sciences)

Donor: EPA Cephalosporin Fund, at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford University.


Carolyn and Franco Gianturco Scholarship (alternately in Music / Theoretical Chemistry)

Donors: Two alumni working in these two academic areas.


Green Studentships

Donors: Alumni, the Common Room, and the College.


Lestrade-Heselton Scholarships (Law)

Donors:  Mrs Sandy Lestrade Heselton (alumna), and Mr David Heselton; Ms Emma Heselton & Mr Emile Armour-Heselton 


Hicks Scholarship (Economics)

Donors: A leading donor and many alumni with an interest in Economics.


Hitachi Chemical Environmental Scholarship

Donor: Hitachi Chemical Global, through an alumnus and Honorary Fellow of Linacre who is a Board member of Hitachi Chemical Global.


A.J. Hosier Trust Studentship

Set up in 1970s, given in memory of a local farmer.


Norman and Ivy Lloyd (Environmental Science student from sub-Saharan Africa)

Donors: Dr Keith and Mrs Marjorie Lloyd, in memory of Dr Lloyd's parents.


Ruth and Nevill Mott Scholarship (Any subject)

Donor: The Ruth and Nevill Mott Charitable Trust (via Dr Cecily Crampin, alumna & granddaughter, Mrs Alice Crampin, daughter, and Professor Michael Crampin).


Dapo Olagunju Scholarship (MBA student from Africa, preferably Nigeria)

Donor: Mr Dapo Olagunju, alumnus


Oxford-EPA Cephalosporin (Two scholarships in Biological, Medical and Chemical Sciences)

Donor: EPA Cephalosporin Fund, at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford University.


Oxford - Professor Louis J. Curran Graduate Scholarship in Music

Donor: Estate of Professor Louis Curran, alumnus


Oxford-Agnese Nelms Haury Scholarship (those holding official status in the US or Canada as American Indian, Alaska Native, First Nation, Metis or Inuit)

Donors: The Agnese Nelms Haury Trust, via the University of Arizona.  


Oxford-Allan and Nesta Ferguson Graduate Scholarship (student from sub-Saharan Africa)

Donors: The Allan and Nesta Ferguson Trust.  


Oxford-Linacre African Graduate Scholarship

Donors: Dr Keith Lloyd, The Rt Rev’d Carolyn Tanner Irish, the Rhodes Trust and Oxford University.  


Rausing (Anthropology and English)

Donors: The late Dr Gad Rausing and Dr Birgit Rausing, Honorary Fellows of Linacre.


Ronald and Jane Olson Scholarship (Refugee Studies)

Donors: Mr Ron Olson, alumnus and Honorary Fellow of Linacre and Mrs Jane Olson, his wife.


Ryle Scholarship (Philosophy)

Donors: Various Fellows and alumni; one alumnus is a leading donor to the Fund.


Giacomo Vaciago Scholarship (Environmental Sciences)

Donor: Mrs Giulia Vaciago, named for Professor Giacomo Vaciago, alumnus


Wanakaset Environmental Research Scholarships 

Donor: (via an alumnus and his wife)


Women in Science Scholarship (Women students reading for a DPhil in Materials)

Donors: Various alumni, together with the Department of Materials.



The Raymond and Vera Asquith Hardship Fund (UK students)

Donor: Professor Pamela Asquith, in memory of her parents.


The Frederick Mulder Fund (Social Justice)

Donor: Dr Frederick Mulder, alumnus.


The Patrick Heffernan Fund (particularly for students with families)

Donors: Many former students who admired Lt Col Patrick Heffernan, Domestic Bursar 2000-2010.



Biomedical Studies JRF

Donors: A former Visiting Senior Member, and a Fellow.


Susan and George Brownlee JRF (alternately Biosciences and Music)

Donors: Professor George and Mrs Susan Brownlee, Friends.


David Cockayne JRF (Material Science)

Donors: Mrs Jean Cockayne and family, for the late Professor David Cockayne, Emeritus Fellow.


EPA Cephalosporin (eight JRFs in the Sciences)

Donor: EPA Cephalosporin Fund, at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford University.


Fellows' JRF (Any subject)

Donors: 22 Governing Body and Emeritus Fellows.


Carolyn and Franco Gianturco JRF (alternately Astrophysics and Music)

Donors: Two alumni.


JMH JRF (Biomedical)

Donor: A College member.


Paul Nurse JRF (Biomedical)

Donors: Various College members & Friends.


Bryan Warren JRF (Any subject)

Donor: Various College members and Friends.



Busuttil Domus Prize (awarded for a research presentation in Business, Criminology, Government, International Relations, Law or Politics)

Donor: An alumnus and a Friend.


Moorbath Domus Prize (awarded for a research presentation in any subject)

Donor: Legacy from Professor Stephen Moorbath, Emeritus Fellow​.


Leeds-Hoban Linacre-Huntington Exchange Fellowship (for research at the Huntington Library)

Donor:  Alumni, Mrs Lydia Leeds Hoban, and her husband Mr Patrick Hoban.


Thomas Linacre Studentships: (for contribution to College)

Donors: A vast number of alumni, Fellows, students, staff, and Friends who named all of our Dining Hall Chairs and Small Dining Room chairs. Thanks to these donations, both Studentships are fully endowed, in perpetuity.