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Caring Policy

Absence from work to attend to acute/unexpected caring responsibilities or domestic emergencies will normally be paid in the first instance to enable you to make the necessary arrangements for continued care or attention. Such paid leave will normally be limited to a period ranging from half a day to no more than two days. You should request such leave immediately you become aware of the need from your line manager.  No more than five days paid leave of this type may be taken in any 12-month period. Additional leave, which will normally be unpaid or taken as annual leave, may be granted: in exceptional circumstances a further limited period of paid leave may be granted.

These provisions are intended to deal with emergencies and acute and unexpected caring responsibilities. These provisions are not a contractual right and may be withdrawn by College if they are abused and College will monitor the frequency of such leave requests. Typically, this leave is not designed to cover attending routine doctor/hospital appointment with a dependant or minor childhood illnesses. 

Up to 2 days of paid caring leave may be awarded by a line manager in any one year.  Requests for leave in excess of this, or for non-typical reasons, must be approved by the Domestic Bursar.