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College Hardship Funds

All enrolled students at Linacre who are experiencing unexpected financial difficulties are eligible to apply for hardship funding to the Linacre House Trust. Applications will not be considered from students whose student status is suspended.

Hardship grants or loans are only considered for those who experience genuinely unanticipated hardship that could not possibly have been foreseen at the time of making application to Oxford or being offered a place at Linacre.  

Linacre will give priority to those whose hardship has been caused by accidents, illness, legal expenses, childcare costs or unexpected loss of support. Low priority is given to those seeking funds for expenses connected with research or course work.

Students experiencing hardship who are very close to completing a degree will receive more sympathetic consideration than those who are just beginning. Students in the first term of a one-year course, the first two terms of a two-year course or the first year of a three-year course are not normally considered for hardship funding. You can speak to the Senior Tutor or the Vice Principal for advice if you are in this position. You may be advised to suspend status until you can raise the necessary funds.   

The normal maximum for a hardship grant or loan is £1,000.

All parts of the completed application form must be sent to the Academic Administrator, Linacre College for the application to be considered by the Linacre House Trust Committee. Consideration may take up to two weeks, but urgent applications may be processed more quickly. If an application is urgent then this should be noted at submission.

There is no firmly laid down procedure for allocating money in cases of hardship. The Linacre House Trust Committee is free to decide whether, for example, to award grants or loans, depending upon the circumstances.

You must apply on the Hardship Grant application form