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Garden Society

Linacre Garden Society (LGS) is for anyone who loves gardens and wants to make time to learn about gardens and their place in nature. You may join LGS because you want to:
  • learn how to cultivate; 
  • experiment with different styles of gardening; 
  • explore the ways in which college life may be further enriched through innovative garden designs;
  • or simply because you enjoy being outdoors and making new friends.

LGS’s centre of activity is the back garden at 105 Banbury, accessible to all LGS members. There’s a shed full of equipment and tools; individual and collective gardening plots; and a range of containers for patio gardening. Pots and seeds are also available for cultivating herbs or small edible plants on window seals back in your own rooms.

Students come and go, but gardens stay put. Continuity of care is essential to their slow evolution throughout seasons and years. When the garden society was revived a few years ago, it was felt that bridging between leavers and newcomers was the best way to keep both the society and 105’s garden healthy.

Laura Rival, Fellow at Linacre, is currently acting as that bridge. So get in touch with her if you’d like to become a member! Laura is an experienced gardener who loves sharing her garden passions with others!