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If you speak to a Peer Supporter about a welfare issue, a disability, a long-term medical condition, or a situation where you may have been harassed, bullied or assaulted, that information will normally remain strictly confidential between you and the Peer Supporter.  

If you ask advice from your College Advisor, the Dean for Equality & Diversity, the Senior Tutor or the Academic Registrar about any of these issues, and you ask that the conversation remain strictly confidential, that will be respected.

No one else will be told about your conversation unless you tell them, or ask us to tell them.

However, if you apply for any adjustments because of a disability or an ongoing medical condition, information about this will have to be shared - but only with those staff who need to know about the condition in order to help you. In College, this may include the Academic Registrar and Academic Administrator; the Associate Dean; the Senior Tutor; your College Advisor; and the Principal and Vice Principal. If you have registered with the Disability Advisory Service, your case may be discussed with them. Any other staff members will only know as much as they need to know to help you: for example, the Accommodation Manager may be told that you need a certain kind of room, but not why you need it.  

Note that students with disabilities or ongoing medical conditions have a responsibility to provide relevant and current evidence from a professional (for example, a medical doctor) to support any adjustment, in fairness to all students.  If a student's condition is not clearly stated as having a permanent impact that requires special consideration, the College may require updated evidence at the end of an original period.

Important note:  There are only three exceptions to our confidentiality policy.  If we judge that you or someone else is in serious and imminent danger, or if a child (anyone under the age of 18) is involved in your disclosure we will give information to the appropriate people, for example medical personnel.  We are obliged by law to do this.

If you have any questions about this, please ask any staff member or Peer Supporter.