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CR Endowment Fund

Closing date: 18th Feb 2018

Funding criteria

CR Endowment grants are meant to enrich both the recipient(s) and the wider Common Room, in accordance with the Common Room’s purpose to promote the social, cultural, sporting and recreational life of the College. The CR Endowment is not intended to supplement the annual Common Room allocation but rather should support projects that would otherwise be ineligible for Common Room funding. Priorities include, but are not limited to:

  • Alleviating financial hardship
  • Helping students remain CR members instead of transferring to other colleges
  • Strengthening relations between Linacre fellows and the Common Room
  • Supporting activities in line with the Common Room ethos
  • Meeting needs not covered by other sources of funding (such as a Linacre College hardship grant)
  • Limited support for conference attendance (NB: this is considered a lower priority but will be considered on a case by case basis).

Preference in a situation of equal need or merit may be given to applicants who have made a valuable contribution to the Common Room, for example by organising events or helping run clubs or societies. Only full members of the Common Room are eligible to receive grants. Total funding available in this funding round will be approximately £ 2,000, which may be split into multiple awards.

Assessment of applications

Completed application forms (see bottom of page) should be submitted to the CR President by Monday 6th Week Hilary Term (18th Feb). A panel of four former Exec members and the current CR President will review the submitted applications and make recommendations for funding. The Linacre House Trust will subsequently decide whether to approve the panel’s recommendations. Payments will be made shortly after they are approved. If sufficient funds remain then another request for applications will be circulated. Enquiries should be addressed to