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Enrolment at the University opens on 1st September and all those who have already activated their on-line accounts are now able to undertake on-line enrolment.
The process is completed when you come to register with the Academic Office at Linacre. You will be able to do this at the following times:
  • 0900 – 1530, Monday – Friday
Please note that PGCE students, whose course starts earlier than others, will have a specific enrolment/induction session.
You need come to the Academic Registrar’s office in the OC Tanner Building at Linacre. If you have a UK visa you need to bring your passport and Biometric Residence Permit (which you will have collected from the Post Office or Exam Schools).
Before coming to complete enrolment please ensure that you have done your part of the University’s on-line enrolment process (and note that this is a different process from activating your Single Sign-On and email account). You will receive an email from the University inviting you to enrol on-line – this will be sent a few days after they have printed your University Card. If your Department has not sent you the application form for the University Card and you believe you have fulfilled all conditions attached to your offer, you should contact them as a matter of urgency as this is the first step towards enrolment.
At registration/enrolment you will sign the College Contract, have your passport and visa scanned (if you have one) and receive your University Card.
Once we have completed this process, the Academic Registrar will update your status on the University’s central admissions database and this completes your enrolment.
After you have enrolled you will be able to print an Enrolment Certificate which you may need for e.g. Council Tax exemption (if you live in private accommodation), opening a bank account, registering with the Police, getting a mobile phone, etc. The College Secretary has to sign and stamp your certificate once you have printed it: you will be able to print in the Library at Linacre.
Your University Card, which you will receive when you have completed enrolment, is used for all central University libraries. Within Linacre you use it to pay for your food and drink (thus obtaining the discounted student rate for meals) and also for accessing buildings and security doors (see attachment 18: Controlled Access). Your Department may also wish to use your card to give you access to their security doors – you will need to give them the barcode number from your card. 
If you have previously been issued with a University Card (e.g. through your Department or another college) please bring this with you even if it has expired, as this has to be exchanged for your new one. If you have been given an orange temporary access fob for use within Linacre please bring this to exchange for your University Card.