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Financial issues

Normally, students are expected to be able to cover their expenses during their course at Oxford, either from their own funds or from a funding body.

However, if you experience unexpected financial difficulty that was not foreseeable at the beginning of your course, Linacre and the University may be able to help you with a grant or a loan.  See the Hardship Funds page for more information.

The Linacre House Trust also has a limited amount of funding available for students who

  • are presenting a paper or poster at a conference
  • are pursuing a course at the University Language Centre that is directly relevant to their academic course
  • are pursuing fieldwork in the area of social deprivation
  • are engaged in University level sporting or non-sporting activities
  • are in the final stages of writing up their DPhil thesis

You can find details of all of the Linacre funds on the Funding page.  
NOTE that for all but emergency funds, there are set dates for applications.  Check the dates before you apply. 

The Common Room has a small Endowment Fund that it disburses once a year, in Hilary Term. Details are here.

Limited funds are also available for social events bringing together Linacre students and Fellows in the same or related disciplines.  The Senior Tutor will write to announce the availability of these funds.