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Harassment, bullying, and threatening behaviour

You have the right to pursue your studies free from harassment, bullying, or threatening behaviour. Linacre College does not tolerate harassment, bullying or victimisation.  You can read the College Policy and Procedure on Harassment here.

Harassment and bullying occur when another student, an academic, or another member of staff engages in unwanted words or actions that violate your dignity or create an environment that is degrading, hostile, offensive or humiliating.  (Technically, harassment is distinguished from bullying in that harassment is based on one of the characteristics that is ‘protected’ under UK law:  age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.)

The College has appointed seven advisors (four senior, two student and one staff member) who are ready to advise, in complete confidence, on any problems which might arise from alleged or apparent breaches of the policy. The advisors are:

Senior Advisors: Dr Nick Brown, Dr Jane Hoverd, Dr Heath Rose, Dr Clara Barker
Student Advisors: President of the Common Room and Welfare Officer
Staff Advisor: Domestic Bursar

Any of these advisors can be approached by students.

The University’s confidential Harassment Advisor Network can also help. If you are worried about someone else’s behaviour towards you, you can consult a Harassment Advisor even if you are not sure whether what has happened counts as harassment or bullying.  The Advisor will listen to you sympathetically and confidentially, and help you to come to your own decision.  

Here is a flowchart to show you what actions you can take.  

You can ask for a Harassment Advisor outside your College or Department, an advisor specialised in relationship abuse or sexual violence, or an advisor who is BME or LGBTQ+.  Call 01865 270760 or email 

Remember that you can also speak to a Linacre Peer Supporter about this kind of problem