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Sexual assault

Any sexual act that a person does not consent to, whether or not it involves violence, is a crime. Most sexual assaults are carried out by someone known to the victim. Anyone can be sexually assaulted: women, men, old and young.

If you have been sexually assaulted there are services in the College, University and city to support you. The College can offer the following:

  • Someone to talk to confidentially whilst you decide what to do;
  • Help finding information and sources of advice;
  • Support when reporting the assault to the police;
  • Someone to accompany you safely to a National Health Service Sexual Assault Referral Centre and stay with you as necessary.

You can report an incident whether it is recent or happened some time ago.

Getting in touch

To get in touch with College support send an email to:

In case of emergency you can phone (01865) (2)71650 between 08:30 and 18:00 Monday to Friday or the College Emergency Mobile Number 07837 142095 outside these times. You should say that you need to speak urgently to a College Welfare Officer and you should leave a number on which you can be contacted.

A Useful App

The Oxford University First Response App provides survivors of sexual violence and friends of survivors with information about optional ways to respond, essential knowledge about support resources, critical contact details, and answers to frequently asked questions. Information on downloading the app and how to view it online can be found here:

An Independent, Confidential Advice Centre

The Thames Valley Independent Sexual Violence Advisory Service is an independent, confidential advice centre where you can get non-judgmental advice about a sexual assault. The centre is funded by the Thames Valley Police, but you will NOT be obliged to report your assault to the police if you don't want to.  Trained specialist advisors work with women and men, including heterosexual, gay, bisexual and transgender people of all backgrounds and ages.  You can contact this service here:

Other Useful Links

National Health Service  “Help after rape and sexual assault"
Oxford Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre
Oxfordshire NHS Sexual Health Service
A step-by-step guide for rape victims (Metropolitan Police)