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Equality & Diversity

Linacre values the diversity of its community and has an Equal Opportunities Policy and a Gender Equality Scheme, which can be found here.

The Dean for Equality and Diversity, Clara Barker, is happy to speak with students confidentially on any matters to do with equality and diversity within the College. This includes, but is not limited to, matters relating to gender, race, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, and disability.

Gender, race, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, or disability can sometimes be related to harassment, bullying or assault. See the pages on Harassment, Bullying and Sexual assault for further help with these areas.

Gender Equality

Promoting gender equality is a key strategic priority for the University of Oxford. Information can be found here. 

There is an Oxford Women’s Newsletter for the University, published fortnightly during term time. You can subscribe here.

Oxford University is a founder member of HeForShe, a global solidarity movement for gender equality launched by the United Nations in 2014.   

LGBTQI Equality

Oxford provides for an inclusive environment in which no student or member of staff will be treated less favourably on grounds of sexual orientation or gender reassignment. See here for information about the University’s LGBTQI resources.

The Oxford University Student Union (Oxford SU) has an active LGBTQ campaign, 'supported by Oxford SU both financially and through the LGBTQ Officer but ... free to form its own policy and choose which issues to focus on'. Their page includes the Oxford University LGBTQ Society Handbook.  

The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) can help with questions about trans and gender non-conforming issues. GIRES is a UK wide organisation whose purpose is to improve the lives of trans and gender diverse people of all ages, including those who are non-binary and non-gender.

The Common Room LGBTQ Representative is Victoria Bianchi who can be contacted at: and the Linacre CR LGBTQ+ Society has a Facebook group.

Racial and Ethnic minority Equality

You can read additional information about the University's work to promote Racial and Ethnic Minority Equality here.

The University Counselling Service offers a workshop for students of colour to reflect on issues that may impact their academic and social experience at Oxford. You can find out more details on the Workshop page.

Common Ground is a movement that sets out to examine Oxford’s colonial past in context of its present-day inequalities. They aim to raise, investigate, discuss, and challenge issues of racism, classism, and colonialism at Oxford.

A reading list of Black Lives Matter and anti-racist resources is available here, created in liaison with the Bodleian Libraries, College Libraries and JCR Welfare reps.  This is an evolving list of online resources with titles being added regularly.

The Common Room Race and Ethnic Minority Representative is Oluwaseun Matiluko, who is available to discuss matters of Racial equality and can be contacted at:

Disability Equality

The key service for all matters related to student disability is the The Disability Advisory Service (DAS). It is made up of a team of specialist advisors who provide information and advice on disability issues, and facilitate access to study for all students.

The Oxford Student Union has a Disabilities Campaign which "believes the future is equal, inclusive, and accessible". Its core aims are:

  • Campaigning for better understanding and treatment of disabilities.
  • Supporting and advocating for disabled students at Oxford.
  • Bringing together disabled students for social events and solidarity.

Find out more about the Campaign here:

The Common Room Disabilities Representative is Yujie Shen, who is available to discuss matters related to disability and can be contacted at:


You can find a list of Oxford faith societies and belief groups here.