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Carolyn Tanner Irish House

191-193 Iffley Road
191-193 Iffley Road, OX4 1EN

Carolyn Tanner Irish House is a recently purchased 21 bedroom house at 191-193 Iffley Road, OX4 1EN. It is located about a ten minute cycle away from the main College site, and is surrounded by a Linacre community of our other houses nearby. The house is conveniently located for buses in to town and the rail station.

Linacre is one of the most environmentally-aware Colleges in Oxford. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and to this end have taken some extra considerations for the new house. We are proud to market this house as the new prototype to help further Linacre’s Green commitments, having the house fitted with energy-saving measures. 

We are committed to energy saving and innovation throughout our buildings and working practices, and our vision with Carolyn Tanner Irish House is to build awareness of how we use energy in our day to day lives and use this a learning opportunity to make improvements. We aim to reduce our Carbon Footprint and environmental impact by encouraging responsible energy consumption from residents of the house.  

The laundry is located in the basement.

21 single student study bedrooms are avaiable, in flats of between 2 and 5 occupants sharing one kitchen-diner and one bathroom per flat. 

11 small rooms: £515 - £550

6 average rooms: £565

4 large rooms: £580. 

The rent includes utilities, internet, and cleaning of the communal areas. 

All prices quoted are for academic year 2019/20 and are subject to an annual price increase on 1st September 2020.

191-193 Iffley Road191-193 Iffley Road