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IT Regulations

Oxford University Computing Regulations

The Oxford University regulations describes the boundaries within which you can use the university network.  The University IT Services  site also has lots of other useful computing Information, and is worth a look.

Regulations at College Level

No routers, WiFi points or devices allowing network sharing are to be connected to the College network. Ethernet access is permitted for laptops and PCs with an Ethernet adaptor for use on that device only.

Apart from the foregoing and preceding rules, there are not any specific College regulations on Computing but all College members are required to sign an agreement when they join to abide by the University's Rules and Regulations on Computing. You should also pay special attention to the ICTC regulations, which are used by a number of Colleges.

Linacre College recognises its duty, including that placed on it under PREVENT regulations, to prohibit users from using its IT resources for unlawful activity. Users of Linacre College IT systems are required to abide by all applicable laws and by University IT policies as a strict condition of use.

If you have any specific queries in relation to these regulations, please contact the College IT Manager.