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Printing Charges

Printing is available from Library computers and is charged at the following rates:

  • 5p for an A4 black and white or colour sheet

Printing costs are billed to battels. They do incur VAT which is a purchase tax imposed by the UK government and not something the College has a choice about charging. Students who are in arrears and have had their Linacre card withdrawn will also be barred from printing.

Printing from your own computer

You can now print from your own computer to several of the College printers. We use a system called Papercut and you submit prints via a webpage. The system supports Single-Sign-On, once logged in users can choose the Web Print option and choose Submit a Job in order to print. 

The PaperCut system can be accessed here. If you need assistance with Web Print or any of its features please contact



Connecting to the wireless network is reasonably straightforward for students, and doesn't require any special configuring of your computer. Full details on how to obtain it are on the IT Services Wireless Networking pages.   For any visitors you have, there is also a Wireless Visitor Network available.  In order to access this, Linacre IT dept. must have details of your visitor(name, sponsor, dates and times of stay) prior to their stay and then we can ensure the account is setup ready for their arrival.



If you need to get access to the main university network from outside the University, even if you still live in Oxford, you need to use the OUCS VPN (Virtual Private Network) client software. You can find full details on signing up for and using this software on the IT Services VPN pages.