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Study Rooms

The College has a small number of private study rooms available for use by current students. Study rooms are simply furnished and have computer network access. Most are small and suitable for single occupancy only, but some may be shared. You may apply to use a study room for one term at a time. If you wish to continue using the room thereafter you must make a new application.

Applications should be completed for the forthcoming term.  They will be considered by the Academic Committee and should be submitted to the Accommodation Manager by the advertised deadline. The Committee will not consider applications more than one term in advance nor will they consider late applications. The application form for the coming term is available on the right hand side of this page, and should be submitted by Tuesday of 5th week.

Priority in allocating study rooms will be given to students on the basis of need, for example:

  1. a student who does not have access to quiet workspace at home because they share their accommodation with a partner or children,
  2. a student who has no secure work space in their department or faculty, in which to leave their study materials,
  3. a student living in private rented accommodation with no network access or at some distance from the city centre.


  • There is no charge made for a study room but you will be required to pay a £25 deposit for the key.
  • You should not sleep overnight, smoke, light candles or play loud music in a study room.
  • You should remove all your possessions and return your key to the Accommodation Manager by 16:00 on Monday of 0th Week of the following term.
  • The College reserves the right to make a charge for any damage caused or if the study room is not left clean and empty by this time.
  • The same rules apply to using Computers in your study rooms as apply to use in other College rooms. Please check the IT Networking pages before you plug them into the network socket