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7.1 Academic Dress

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It is necessary to appear for the matriculation ceremony in full academic dress (known as sub-fusc). You are required to wear your preference of the following as sub-fusc:

  • dark suit with plain dark socks, OR
  • dark suit with plain black tights or stockings, OR
  • dark trousers with plain dark socks or dark hosiery


  • dark coat, if required
  • black shoes (plain black, with no other colour or ornament)
  • plain white collared shirt or blouse
  • white bow tie, black bow tie, black full-length tie or black ribbon
  • the appropriate academic gown (see the University guidance)
  • mortar board or soft cap

Additional notes:

  • Ministers of religion may wear clerical dress, with a gown over, when attending ceremonies.
  • If you wear a head dress / scarf for religious reasons, a black scarf should be worn. 
  • Members of the armed forces may wear service dress under their gown, in place of sub fusc. This is only applicable to members of The British Armed Forces in the UK. Uniform caps should be removed when indoors.
  • You may choose which sub-fusc option to wear regardless of your gender. 

Your clothing should be suitable for a formal occasion. The cap and gown can be purchased from one of the local outfitters.  The College will buy gowns back from students when they leave the College (£10) provided they are in good clean condition. If you are interested in selling a gown, please see the Principal’s PA, Jo Whitfield.

The College has a limited supply of second-hand gowns for sale. The cost of a gown is £15 (charged to battels) and availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to purchase a gown you will need to try it on and should contact Jo Whitfield to make arrangements to do so.