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8.1 Accommodation

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Linacre College is usually able to offer all new students requiring accommodation a room in one of the College’s houses or buildings for their first year. Priority is given to these new incoming students for the start of each academic year. Most Linacre students will need to find their own accommodation in subsequent years, but can be added to the waiting list for accommodation by contacting the Accommodation Manager. 

Allocation of rooms to new incoming students starts in January/February each year. As students receive their College offers, they also receive information about applying for College accommodation. An accommodation preference form is provided to be completed and returned, as soon as possible, to the Accommodation Manager. The Accommodation Manager then allocates rooms on a first come, first served basis. Once all rooms in one site have been allocated, a waiting list is operated. As current students receive exam results or decide they no longer wish to attend Oxford, rooms start to become available again throughout the summer months. As rooms become available, those on the accommodation waiting list are contacted and offered rooms. If all new incoming students have been offered rooms and there are no more new incoming students on the waiting list, the next waiting list, of current Linacre students, is started on. This process continues into September and October. Many current students will have secured accommodation elsewhere by this time. If no Linacre students require the College rooms, there is also a waiting list of students from other Colleges requiring accommodation. If, exceptionally, no Oxford students require accommodation, rooms may be let to other suitable tenants. 

There are however some exceptions to the general policy above:

Students with disabilities or long-term medical conditions may be eligible for College rooms for their second and subsequent years. Please contact the Accommodation Manager in the first instance.

Current Linacre students who are starting a new course may apply for a second year of accommodation. Please contact the Accommodation Manager as early as possible if this applies to you.

First year students who are unable to take up College accommodation due to fieldwork or other academic commitments should register their interest with the Accommodation Manager, as soon as possible, for a College room the following academic year.

Some scholarship holders are entitled to two years in College accommodation.

The Junior Dean is offered an on-site flat and the three Senior Students are allocated on-site rooms, to enable them to perform their duties effectively. The Gym Manager is usually allocated a room in the Abraham building to ensure availability for gym management purposes.

Each of the College houses and buildings has a designated Head Resident. The Common Room President works with the Accommodation Manager to allocate Head Resident posts to members of the CR Exec, the CR Committee, or other appropriate students. Head Residents are in post for the full academic year, usually from October through until the following July. In return, each of these Head Residents provides a vital communication link between the accommodation and College. 

If you have been offered College accommodation, you will be required to sign a formal tenancy agreement, and pay a deposit (£300 for a single room; £450 for a double room or flat) to secure allocation of your room before keys are issued. A sample tenancy agreement can be found on the accommodation  page of the website. On departure from College accommodation and after the room inventory has been verified deposits will be refunded. Deposits can only be refunded to a debit or credit card in sterling (GBP) if that card was used to make the initial payment. Rent will be charged monthly in advance on the battels account. Single rooms are for occupation by the named tenant only and doubling-up is not permitted.

College accommodation is usually available from 1 October to 31 July following, under a Licence to Occupy providing a minimum occupancy of ten months, unless there are extenuating circumstances preventing this, which must be discussed and agreed with the Accommodation Manager. Arrival before 1 October and staying beyond 31 July may be possible but this is dependent on availability and will need to be by arrangement with the Accommodation Manager. No subletting is allowed.

College rooms are simply furnished with bed, desk, desk chair and lamp, cosy chair, book shelves and wardrobe. They also include an ethernet network connection. The provision of heating, lighting and cleaning of communal areas is normally included in the rent charged. Under no circumstances should any additional heating supply be introduced (i.e. electric fires, fan heaters, paraffin heaters or similar appliances). Under no circumstances are candles of any description to be placed in rooms. This College policy ruling applies to any type of candles, including candles used for display or decorative purposes. Any candles found in rooms by College cleaning staff will be reported immediately to the Accommodation Manager. In the event of such circumstances arising, students concerned should expect to discuss the matter further with the Accommodation Manager. In addition to this College ruling, your attention is also drawn to the Fire Precautions section. The permission of the Accommodation Manager must be obtained to use any electrical equipment other than normal everyday items (e.g. radio, hairdryer, computer). See also section on Electrical Equipment below. Students’ own furniture may not be introduced in place of that provided by the College.

Occupants of College accommodation are allowed occasional overnight guests for a maximum of three nights, as long as the tenant is also present. Permission for guests who wish to stay longer should be sought from the Accommodation Manager but this will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

You should be aware that the College has the right to enter and inspect your Room on giving reasonable notice to you of its intention to do so except in the event of an emergency when no notice is required.

To report any maintenance issues please e-mail

Linacre College adheres to the Student Accommodation Code which protects your rights to safe, good quality accommodation. Further information can be found here

Students who are considering renting private accommodation are advised to seek advice from the Accommodation Manager before signing a tenancy agreement. The University Student Union can also advise you.