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12.4 Conduct

Members of the College, unless they are Masters of Arts of Oxford or have incorporated as Masters of Arts from Cambridge or from Trinity College, Dublin, are in statu pupillari and are subject to the Proctors' regulations concerning the conduct of junior members of the University. The University Student Handbook, issued by the Proctors' Office, can be found on-line here.

Members of the College are also subject to the College’s Bylaws and Regulations - copies of which are available from the Principal’s PA or on-line here.

Amongst others, these include the College’s Bylaw on Discipline and Student Members and the College’s Policy and Guidance on the Possession, Supply, and Production of Drugs and Psychoactive Substances.

The use of illegal drugs, harassment, sexual harassment and violence are never acceptable at Linacre.

UK drugs and psychoactive substance legislation and penalties are different to other countries of the world. It is important to read this guidance carefully to ensure that you are familiar with and understand the policy. The policy sets out both the key legislation governing drugs and substance offences, and the main sources of support available for further advice and guidance.

Your Responsibilities:

You are required to comply with College rules on:

  1. matters including, but not limited to, behaviour, IT usage, conduct, data protection and academic studies. You should refer to the College Handbook
  2. fees and other charges being paid when they are due. You are responsible for any non-payment even if your fees are being paid by a third party. The University sets out its annual fees as a single figure as this is easier for applicants and students; however you should note that this is a combined figure for both your University and College fees, which separately form the consideration for your separate University and College contracts. This means that you are paying a set amount of your fees to your college for college services and a set amount to the University for University services. The College will collect University fees and transmit them to the University. For more details contact the Fees office.
  3. obtaining an appropriate visa if necessary and abiding by any visa conditions including maximum permitted working hours and the types of work allowed. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary sanctions in addition to any legal consequences. Support and information are available from Student Information and here.
  4. social distancing, hygiene, travel and self-isolation restrictions, testing and tracing, the wearing of face masks / face coverings in specified zones and any other health and safety measures which the College deems necessary. You acknowledge your understanding that these requirements are based on the University’s Coronavirus guidelines, formed in consultation with Public Health England and local scientific expertise. These guidelines can be found here: and may be updated periodically to reflect changes in the public health situation and scientific advice.