Linacre Fellows, Dr Sebastian Von Hausegger and Professor Subir Sarkar, have made a potentially paradigm-changing finding about the Universe. You can read about their research here.

Carlsberg JRF, Dr Sebastian Von Hausegger, said of the discovery;

“This was quite a surprising result when we finished our first analysis! We know of some physical effects that could lead to what we observed, but they seem difficult to reconcile with our understanding of the cosmological standard model. This is what makes these results so exciting to me. We will continue to scrutinise our findings in our hunt of a whole explanation.

I should also say that this publication really is defining to the research project of my Carlsberg fellowship with which I came to Linacre College as a Carlsberg JRF two years ago. While I will continue my JRF at Linacre, it’s a good feeling to see this work published just in time before my Carlsberg project formally concluded.”