Old Members & Friends

The Linacre College Development Office aims to deepen relationships between the College and its 5,500+ Old Members & Friends in 133 countries, and between individual Old Members. It does this through activities including publication of the College magazine, Linacre News, through events, national and professional networks, an individual, College-based mentoring scheme, and other initiatives such as visits to Old Members, mailings, and invitations back to the College. Electronic communications include regular e-mail news, and a presence on LinkedIn and the Oxford Alumni Community.  Events vary from receptions in corporate venues, clubs or private homes, dinners large and small, lectures, and cultural events, to legacy circle receptions. It's easy to give us your current contact details with the Old Members' Update form. This can also be used to send us your latest news, which we very much welcome.

In December 2015, thanks to our generous supporters, a successful 50th Anniversary Capital Campaign was completed; £8 million, more than our target of £7.5 million, was given for the funds named below. We are thrilled, and warmly thank the generous donors, who number more than 600.  The 50th Anniversary Campaign has enabled: 

  • a substantial increase to our Endowment fund.
  • new student accommodation, Neil Fraser-Bell House, accommodating another 13 students.
  • a new College property, Tanner House
  • a new area of Garden, named for Dr Rom Harré.  
  • new Scholarships – a mixture of endowed and multi-year – to the extent that in Michaelmas Term 2016 we will be able to offer scholarships to 34 students.
  • new Junior Research Fellowships – our Campaign fund-giving enables the College now to offer 24 JRFs, representing four more than our original target.
  • a new Senior Research Fellowship, the Assad Kotaite SRF.
  • increased Hardship provision, including the new Patrick Heffernan Fund.
  • significantly improved Library provision.
  • endowed funds for prizes and awards: Domus Prizes; Thomas Linacre Studentships
  • the annual Leeds Hoban Linacre/Huntington Exchange Fellowship.

From January 2016 onwards the Development Office continues to encourage gifts for a range of important College projects including Linacre's Endowment, Scholarships, Student Hardship Fund, Accommodation, and Academic Activities, such as Senior and Junior Research Fellowships, the College Library, and IT.  

As well as for scholarships, naming has already been possible for College buildings, student and public rooms, dining and library chairs, and other facilities, either for those who made the gifts, or for friends of the donors.  Current naming opportunities being offered are:

  • Book Collections; named bookplates on 20 books, for £500 per collection
  • Dining Hall Tables; named plaques on tables for £1,000; monies raised from naming the 13 tables will be used to support Student Hardship. 
  • Library Workstations; named plaques for £3,000 which will fund a PC, and Library upkeep.

If you are interested in supporting our ongoing fundraising, do contact the Director of Development, Dr Anne Keene or look at further details of some of our current fundgiving projects.

Thank you for your ongoing interest in Linacre, a college which offers so much to its members, and which is, in turn, rightly proud of the impressive and enterprising worldwide Linacre community.