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The Alumni Relations Officer, Lisa Smårs, would like to extend a warm welcome to all our former students. Information on Old Member activities can be found through the links below, or the list on the left.

The Development Office works to deepen relationships between former members and Linacre College through a variety of activities. One of the most enjoyable ways is through Old Member Events, which are organized in the UK as well as other countries; photos of recent gatherings can be found in the Gallery .

Linacre Societies exist in a number of countries, and promote interaction among Old Members locally. We are eager to develop societies in more countries and are happy to work with Old Members wishing to establish a Linacre Society in their home country.

We have established our first professional network of Linacre Lawyers. Any Old Member with a law degree or following a career in law is encouraged to contact the Development Officer, Antonella Di Marzio for more information.

The College magazine, Linacre News, is published biannually, and back issues may be viewed on the College website.

In cooperation with Gillman & Soame, the official University photographer, we were the first Oxford College to have an online photo archive to view and purchase past matriculation photos. Old Members may learn the username and password by contacting the Development Office.

Our Mentoring Programme aims to put Old Members, or Old Members and students, in touch with each other for informal advice about careers and professional life. Because of the international nature of the College, we are in touch with a far-flung network of people working in a range of professions, and we know that a number of these are happy to be put in touch with others in their professional area. You may either request a mentor, or volunteer to mentor by completing the relevant form on the right, and returning it to Lisa Smårs. In addition to this individualised networking, we are also a member of the Oxford Alumni Community, which you may join via this link for additional University-wide online networking.

We aim to connect Linacre Old Members with each other and the College through our presence on LinkedIn, and we also send short monthly e-mail updates on College news to all for whom we have a current e-mail address. You can also follow Linacre on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

We hope you will keep us up to date with your latest postal and e-mail addresses, and and also send us your news for inclusion in the Linacre News Grapevine.

In addition, we are happy to forward messages to anyone you were at College with, subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

Finally, we can help with your visit to Oxford by providing general guidance on local accommodation, including the newly refurbished twin-bedded College guest room, which may be booked by Old Members. Please get in touch if we can help answer any questions, or if you have some news to share. We look forward to meeting as many of you as possible--so do please call in to say hello whenever you return to Linacre.