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Leavers' Pack


The purpose of the Old Members’ pack is to issue a welcome from the Development Office, and to let you know what College offers to former members. The pack includes the following:

Visiting Linacre

Details of your future use of the College are included, outlining how you can have meals at Linacre, use the Library and other facilities.

Old Member Groups (national & professional)

Details of our Old Member groups (largely national), of their activities and their officeholders.


The initiative offering the chance for older Old Members to share some of their professional experience, and for younger Old Members and

students to access the professional wisdom and wide expertise of Linacre’s former students.

Fundraising report

We hope that you will enjoy reading this. We are delighted to report the generosity of our donors, and are very grateful to every one for the tremendous support given.

Giving options

If by any chance you are able to make a small donation, information is given here.

Development Office & College contacts

We enclose a brief introduction to the work of the Development Office, with names of those who work here, and other staff members.