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Old Members & Friends Events

Linacre African Network
Thursday 22nd February 2018
Tanner Room, Linacre College

Linacre Old Members are warmly invited to attend a special talk being co-organised by the Linacre African Network (LAN) and the Linacre Development Office this coming Thursday, February 22, 5.30 – 6.45 pm in the Tanner Room at Linacre. Mr Adedapo Olagunju (2005), Linacre Old Member, will be speaking on ‘‘AFRICA RISING: FICTION OR REALITY?” 

Linacre Lawyers
Tuesday 27th February 2018
Simmons & Simmons, City of London

An event organised by our Lawyers’ Network will take place on the evening of Tuesday 27th February, at the offices of Simmons & Simmons, in the City of London, thanks to Old Member, Dr Mark Watterson (1997). All Old Members are welcome, whether lawyers or not. Professor David Collins (2002) of City University will speak on “International Trade Opportunities after Brexit”; his talk will be aimed at a lay audience. The event will start at 6.30 pm, followed by a drinks reception. A secure online booking through the Oxford University Online Store can be made here .

Rome skyline
Friday 16th March 2018

The University will hold events over the weekend of March 16-18, 2018, including a Gala Dinner on Saturday, 17th March.  Full details and online booking are now available here

Linacre will also hold a dinner, attended by the Principal, for Linacre Old Members on Friday, 16th March, at 8.30 pm at Hostaria da Vincenzo. You can make a secure online booking for the Linacre dinner on March 16th here Please note that the University Reunion events, and the Linacre dinner, are booked separately.

Swiss Club, Singapore
Friday 16th March 2018
Swiss Club, Singapore

Linacre is grateful to Dr John Cole (2006) and Mr Mehdi Chennoufi (2000) for arranging an Old Member event in Singapore at the Swiss Club. You are invited to hear a talk by Dr Joel Scriven (2007) on sustainable land use and carbon sequestration. This will be followed by dinner. The cost of the dinner is generously being sponsored by a Linacre Old Member in Singapore. Partners are included in this wonderful invitation.

Golden Gate Bridge
Saturday 7th April 2018
San Francisco

The next Oxford University North American Reunion will be held the weekend of April 6 and 7, 2018 in San Francisco, incorporating a Linacre dinner on Saturday, April 7 at Piperade Restaurant (drinks at 7.30 pm; dinner at 8.00 pm). All Linacre Members are welcome to book for the Linacre dinner--to be attended by the Principal, Dr Nick Brown--regardless of whether they are able to attend the full University weekend. A secure online booking for the Linacre dinner can be made here 

Griffith Observatory_Los Angeles
Sunday 8th April 2018
Los Angeles

A Linacre dinner will be held at Momed Restaurant, Atwater, on Sunday, April 8, 2018, with drinks at 7.00 pm, and dinner at 7.30 pm. Booking can be made securely through the Oxford University Online Store here 

New York City
Wednesday 11th April 2018
New York City

A Linacre dinner will be held in central New York at Tommy Bahama, Fifth Avenue, on Wednesday, April 11, 2018.  Drinks will be at 7.00 pm with dinner at 7.30 pm.  Linacre's Principal, Dr Nick Brown, will be present.

A secure online booking can be made through the Oxford University Online Store here .

Founders' Gaudy 2013
Saturday 30th June 2018
Linacre College

Booking has now opened for the 2018 Linacre Summer Gaudy on Saturday, June 30 and Sunday, July 1.  College looks forward to welcoming our Founding Members who matriculated from 1962 through 1971. 

Saturday 22nd September 2018
Modena, Italy

The 19th Annual Italian Linacre Lecture will take place on Saturday, September 22 in Modena. All Linacre Old Members are warmly invited to attend. Further details will be announced in due course.