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Welcome to Linacre

We are a lively, friendly, academic and social community. The College, which was founded in 1962, consists of about 50 Fellows (including some of Oxford's most distinguished scholars in arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences), more than 30 Junior Research Fellows and around 600 students. A key feature of Linacre academic life is the interaction between disciplines. The Linacre Seminars offer both students and Fellows an opportunity to present their work to a supportive College audience, and an introduction to the wide-ranging research interests of other College members.
The concerns of students, and our global interests, carry through into every aspect of College life. Linacre is the first Oxbridge College to become carbon-neutral, and has gained fair trade status. 
Entry to Linacre is through the University Graduate Admission system after you have been accepted by an academic faculty or department. There is a range of scholarships available. We look forward to hearing from you and assure you that all applications are treated ethically and with equal opportunity.