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Sahng-Ah Yoo

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Sahng-Ah Yoo

Originally, when I applied for my Master’s program, I provided no college preference and asked to be placed in whatever college was willing to host me – and I could not have been luckier. Aside from being quite close to my department, Linacre is an ideal place for anyone and everyone because of its ability to adapt specifically to your needs. Don’t want to get too involved in the college? No problem. Want to get super involved with the Common Room and all of the clubs offered on our campus? Get on it! This college allows you to explore your interests at your own pace with the resources you need. The staff and students on campus are extraordinarily helpful in helping you make your transition to Oxford as easy as possible, whether you’re an international student or coming in with partner and kids. Your concerns will be addressed within 48 hours, if not less, and Linacre’s relatively small population allows for direct and personal interactions that quickly make this community of excellent people a place to call home. Don’t take the risk I did, just apply. Linacre is definitely going to be the right place for you.

Sahng-Ah Yoo, a recent graduate of Columbia University, is completing her MSc course at Oxford with the Centre for Criminology.

Country of origin: 
United States of America