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Student Welfare

The common room has two Welfare Officers whose main role is to offer advice and support to students.

"Our main role is as a point of contact for any member of college who is feeling in need of advice or support. If you've got problems (large or small) with work, home or anything else, then please feel free to get in touch with us."

If you have any questions, or would like to make contact, please send an email.

Peer Support

Peer Supporters are students who have been trained to help other students think through issues and give them emotional support in a safe and confidential way. 

Contact a Linacre Peer Supporter(link sends e-mail),

Physical and Sexual Health Resources

General Health 

•Department of Health:
•BBC Health Info:
•NHS Direct:
•Net Doctor:

College Resources: Condoms & Pregnancy Tests 

Currently condoms are supplied in all college properties. However, these are only for ‘emergencies’. Free condoms can be obtained from the Alec Turnball Family Planning Clinic (Raglan House, 23 In Between Towns Road, Cowley, OX4 3JH

Opening Hours: Monday–Thursday 9.30–7.00 pm Fri: 9.30am–4.00 pm; Sat: 
10.30am-1.30pm Tel: 01865 456666). This is a walk in clinic. You can also get free condoms from your GP. In addition, condoms can be purchased from OUSU through me. The prices are:

•Latex Condoms £10 per 100.
You can purchase a smaller quantity as required (for example 10 for £1)
•Non-Latex condoms £10 per pack of 5 condoms
•Dental Dams £1 each
•Lube Sachets £10 per 100
Pregnancy Tests
Free pregnancy tests are available to students who require them. These can be obtained in one of two ways:

Email me and I can arrange to meet you or can just place a pregnancy test in your pigeon hole (the tests are very small and will be placed in an envelope).
•Leave a piece of paper in my pigeon hole just saying you need a pregnancy test (no name needed). I will leave the pregnancy test in my pigeon hole and you can collect it from there.

Sexually Transmitted Infections(STIs)

If you are worried you might have come into contact with an STI or have 
just started a new relationship, the walk-in GUM clinic at Churchill 
Hospital in Headington offers confidential free STI and HIV screening to everyone.

Community Sexual Health Resources 

•British Pregnancy Advisory Service:
•Family Planning Association:
•The Lesbian and Gay Foundation:
•NHS Site on Safer Sex:
Personal Safety
•Rape Crisis:
•Survivors UK:
•Suzy Lamplugh Trust:
•Victim Support:
•British Pregnancy Advisory Service:

Mental Health Resources

Student Resources 

The Counselling Service at Oxford: 

The Service offers free and confidential support, but it is not an emergency service. The couselling website provides many resources that can be explored in more detail on their website:

Services also provide: 

·      Individual counselling 

·      Group counselling

·      Workshops

·      Supportive resources (these cover a large range of topics such as bereavement, mindfulness, self-esteem, assertiveness and self-harm)

To make an appointment you can contact Counselling Service at

Linacre Cookie Fairy if you know someone who is feeling stressed due to the demands of their programme or personal life you can have a cookie delivered to them anonymously! Just email the cookie

Oxfordshire Mind works working towards wellbeing and recovery in the Oxford community and has many training and support groups. You can view their upcoming calendar here:

Mind your head plans many campaigns that pertain to various aspects of equality and wellbeing. For more information you can look here:

Peer Support students at Linacre who have been trained to help other students think through issues and give them emotional support in a safe and confidential way. Send us an email and we will find a time to get together and talk (for more information look at Student Welfare > Peer Support)


Nightline is a listening, information and support service run by students for students.  It is open from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. every night in term time. 

Call 01865 270270

Community  Resources 

•Depression Alliance:
•Beyond Blue:
•Eating Disorders Association:
•Mind out for Mental Health:
•Rethink :
•The Samaritans:
•Threshold Women’s Mental Health Infoline:

Drug Resources 

•Frank (NUS):
•Narcotics Anonymous:
•Alcoholics Anonymous:
•Alcohol Concern:
•Giving Up:


International Students
•Oxford International Students' Handbook (OUSU):

Students of Colour
•Peers of Colour:

LGBTQ Students
•Rainbow Peers: