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"We've bought a house"

What familiar words.  You may have uttered them yourself.  But whether spoken by you, or by a friend, this is always an exciting announcement, heralding a fresh start, and a new base for daily living. 

At Linacre we are no different.  The purchase of 191 and 193 Iffley Road is cause for CELEBRATION; through this, we have added a 4th house to our college community on Iffley Road. Our new house comprises 21 student rooms, which means that 21 more students have secure, comfortable and accessible accommodation as a base for their Oxford studies.  For these 21, there will be no more time-consuming looking around for private housing, which can often be substantially more expensive, and at times not up to standard.    

Thanks to several generous donors, we have secured almost half of the purchase price of £2.6 million – £1.22 million having been received during the first half of 2017.  We encourage you to help us fund the remaining costs.  There are options ranging from £10 to £1,000,000.   We are grateful for whatever you can offer! 


New Iffley Road House

? ? ?  House (near to: The Rhodes Building; Peter Holloway House; Neil Fraser-Bell House)

The building doesn’t have a name yet!  So we are looking for a major gift to name the House and we are also offering opportunities to make smaller gifts. 

We are thrilled with the new purchase.  The house is in proverbial “tiptop” condition, it’s near to the other 3 Linacre houses mentioned above, and as you’ll see above, there’s a bus stop just outside the door, as well as it being in 10 minutes’ cycling distance from central Oxford. 

To give you an idea of the excellent facilities, see below, a living room cum kitchen, and a bathroom.  There are several of both in the house, catering for the 21 students.    

Common Room in New Iffley Road House

Bathroom in New Iffley Road House


? ? ? Flat

Rooms in the house are grouped together in flats.  We are keen to name the 6 individual flats, to recognise substantial gifts.  Two flats have already been named, for Dr Leslie Goulding (1974), and Professor Justin Leiber (1970)

? ? ?  Room  

We are keen to name the 21 individual bedrooms; cost will vary depending on the room.  One, two or three of you might like to join together and name a room; your names would be listed inside.  One person naming a room would have their name on its door.  One room has already been named, for Gayatri Schilberg (1971)

Name (and Claim?) your old room at Linacre

Another option is to name the room where you lived when you were at Linacre, even though of course this would not be at 191 or 193 Iffley Road.  The money given for this would be used to fund our New House. 

Make an individual gift

Gifts of £5,000+ will be acknowledged on a plaque in a central area of the House.  We have already received two donations which will be recorded on this plaque. 

Make a regular gift

A monthly donation of £10, £20, etc (in the UK, with 25% added thanks to Gift Aid), will grow to a significant gift over time.  For example, over 4 years, a monthly gift of £100 from a UK taxpayer would amount to £6,000.  Or a monthly gift of £15 from a UK taxpayer would amount to £500 after a little over 2 years. 

Make a smaller individual gift

Gifts from £10 upwards will be most welcome. 


For house naming or room naming, please contact the Development Office

Apart from bank transfer payments, all giving details are at:

To make a donation via bank transfer, please contact the Development Office who can provide our bank account details.

Thank you very much for your ongoing interest in Linacre, and support of any kind.  If you are unable or unwilling to make a gift, we understand, and are always very glad to keep up the links with you in other ways.