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Tuesday 25th September 2018
Halford Mackinder Theatre, Oxford University Centre for the Environment

Oxford Centre for the National Trust and Linacre College

Farming and Wildlife Roundtable

The Future of the British Countryside:food production and conservation.

Thursday 1st November 2018
Linacre College

John Hyman, (The Queen’s College) - “Responsibility and the Special Question, ‘Why’? “

Thursday 8th November 2018
The Francis Crick Institute, 1 Midland Road, Kings Cross, London

The annual Linacre London Reception will be held this year on Thursday, November 8 at The Francis Crick Institute. This architecturally stunning and state-of-the-art biomedical research centre opened in 2016.

Talk from Professor Margaret Dallman (1979), Associate Provost, Imperial College London, followed by a Reception. 

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Image © Nick Guttridge

Thursday 8th November 2018
Linacre College

Danièle Moyal-Sharrock (University of Hertfordshire) - “The Myth of the Quietist Wittgenstein”

Thursday 15th November 2018
Linacre College

Anita Avramides (St Hilda’s College) - “Thinking of Others: Ancient and Modern Perspectives”

Friday 22nd March 2019

As part of the Oxford University Alumni Reunion, we are organising an alumni dinner in the evening on Friday 22nd March at the Ark Hills Club in Tokyo. Further details to follow closer to the date. 

If you are interested, please email Lisa (see details below). 

Tuesday 26th March 2019

Dinner to be held at the Swiss Club in Singapore. Further information to follow. 

The dinner has kindly been enabled by Dr John Cole (2006). If you are interested, please contact Lisa (see contact details below).