Statutes, Regulations & Policies

Statutes & Charter

Royal Charter

Current Statutes (Authorised June 2023)

Functions of the College Visitor

Regulations and Policies Relating to All Members

Conflicts of Interest

Linacre Policy on Children

Health & Safety Policy & Arrangements
Smoke Free Policy
Information Security Policy
Linacre College Library Policy
Social Media Policy
College Heating Policy

Policy and Procedure on Harassment
Public Sector Equality Duty Report

Complaints Procedure for Members of the Public

Equality Policy

Freedom of Speech


Door Access Control

Risk Management Policy

Regulations & Policies relating to Students

The Admission of Students to the College

The Offering of Scholarships, Grants, Loans and Other Awards

Student Privacy Policy

Guidance and Policy on Confidentiality in Student Health and Welfare

Student Suspension Guidance

Complaints Procedure for Student Members and Members of Common Room

Discipline and Student Members

Fitness to Study

Possession, Supply and Production of Drugs and Psychoactive Substances


Regulations & Policies relating to College Staff

Employee Handbook
Rewards Policy
Caring Policy
Capability Procedure
Pensions Policy
Anti-Bribery Policy
Employee Equal Opportunities Policy and Code of Practice

Employee Safety Handbook

Procedure for Dealing with Student Tragedies
Whistleblowing Policy
Flexible working policy

Relationship Between Staff and Students

Staff Discipline

Regulations and Policies relating to Committees

Ad Hoc Committees

Appointment of other Members of Governing Body

Conflict of Interests

Standing Orders for Governing Body Meetings

Terms of Reference for Academic Committee

Terms of Reference for Appointments Panel

Terms of Reference for Committees

Terms of Reference for Domestic Committee

Terms of Reference for Finance and Investment Committee

Terms of Reference for Governance, Audit and Risk Committee

Terms of Reference for HR Committee

Terms of Reference for Remuneration Committee

Terms of Reference for Welfare and Equality Committee

Regulations and Policies Relating to Fellowships

Benefactor Fellows

Criteria and Procedure for Appointment to Fellowship

Discipline of Fellows

Regulations and Policies Relating to the Principal and College Officers

Removal of The Principal

Appointment of Principal Vice-Principal and other Officers

Senior Management Team

Regulations and Policies Relating to the Trustee Board

The Election of Trustees

Vacation of the Office of Trustee

Trustee Expenses Policy


Privacy Notice: Alumni, Donors and Supporters
Complaints Policy: Alumni, Donors and Supporters

Environmental Policies

Environmental Policy

Carbon Reduction Strategy