Why Linacre College?

Linacre College offers a stimulating and supportive graduate community which is rich in diversity and egalitarian in its ethos.

Situated next to the University Parks and close to the University’s main libraries and laboratories, Linacre is known for its interdisciplinary focus. Welcoming students from a breadth of academic disciplines, the College fosters a unique environment where members can engage with peers from diverse backgrounds, encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration and learning.

As a graduate-only College, Linacre nurtures a mature community where families are welcome and support is tailored specifically to the needs of post graduate study.


Forward thinking and progressive, Linacre was the first mixed graduate College in Oxford and operates a single Common Room for all members. There is no High Table and everyone is equal. Students, Fellows and staff eat and socialise together creating an inclusive and strong community.

Linacre College has provided me with an enriching and inclusive environment for academic and personal growth, from stimulating seminars to opportunities to bring new ideas and change to the student community at College.
Aleksandra, MSc Pharmacology


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